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Many people are familiar with the concept of coaching. It's well recognized in sports and has recently emerged in business, relationship and in clinical situations. Coaching respects who the client is and what he/she knows while taking him/her from goal to goal and from level to level. We at Dialogue, promote the highest best for each client while always encouraging self-discovery. We encourage personal and professional excellence by helping people become more aware of and responsible for their actions and reactions. Coaching nurtures authenticity, self-discovery, personal and professional fulfillment, personal excellence, collaborative relationships, and personal transformation. We provide coaching for our clients through a one-on-one partnership either via telephone or in person.

We coach adults, teens, and children in all areas of life including, relationship, career, business and stress. For students in grades 3-12 we offer programs for emotional and stress related issues as well as testing anxiety.

We thank you for considering partnering with us on your journey. We look forward to the adventure.

Contact us at (919) 362-7133 or email for a complimentary session.

We also offer our clients' conflict coaching with Get in Sync a four week program that will counteract the damaging effects of stress and anxiety.

Get In Sync! - conflict coaching for emotional and stress management. Stress!!! We all have it. In fact, most of us have so much of it, we just think it's normal and there's nothing we can do about it. Yet stress is making us sick and causing accidents in record numbers. Today, more than 80% of all doctor visits are stress-related. But, take heart! There is something you can do and it doesn't come in a bottle. There are simple tools you can learn to use anywhere, anytime. Research has shown that when these simple tools are used, stress hormones are reduced, anti-aging hormone levels are raised, emotional clarity is maintained in the midst of chaos, and peak mental and intuitive performance can be achieved. You come learn tools to de-stress your system and get your mind and body in sync with optimal functioning. Learn how to stop the negative impact stress has on your health, performance, relationships, and the quality of your life.

Get in Sync and contact us for more detail! Learn about
HeartMath(R) and how to reduce everyday stress.

How do you get to own your own voice and share your truths while overcoming obstacles and conflict? How do you claim what is yours, build self esteem and confidence in the midst of fear and confusion? Well, many of us early on were not taught how magnificent and fabulous we truly are nor how to trust and love ourselves unconditionally. We often carry into adulthood anger, frustration, negativity, and despair. This in turn can and will take a toll on our bodies and on our relationships. "Eminence" is where dreams come true. It is a facilitated open dialogue approach. A get-together and a chance to explore and learn about alternative ways of experiencing and dealing with our fears. A safe space created to assist each participant find their passions, their life vision while rising to the next level. The what's next. A way to renew yourself and hope for your future.

If you have a small group or would like to join an existing group contact us for more information.