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Coming From Your Heart Now Has a Whole New Meaning

The concept of intelligence requires updating from the belief it only occurs in the brain. Until recently modern medical science and practice held that the human heart was merely a pumping mechanism for our circulatory system, and was controlled by the brain. Research in the past decade has revealed that the heart has an intrinsic neural system that interacts with the brain to regulate and control our physiology. Our physiology, particularly our emotional physiology controlled by the heart, sets the critical environment in our body for optimal human experience and performance. The idea that intelligence is a purely cerebral, aloof activity uncontaminated by emotions is now a false assumption. Emotional intelligence can be defined as someone's ability to stay in positive productive relationship with others or know the best way to positively influence a negative relationship without losing one's self. This same sense of intelligence can be applied to keeping a healthy relationship within our self. Scientific research has shown that optimal human performance and health is sustained within the body by consciously activating the positive emotions of the heart. This activation has the effect of creating more energy in the body and enhancing the capacities of the brain.

Humanity, throughout the ages has associated the powers of the heart with the higher aspects of human consciousness. The emotions of love, compassion, appreciation, care, courage and joy are all associated with the heart and are integral aspects of positive human relationships and peaceful coexistence between people.

The energy field from our heart is the dominate energy field in our body, 40 to 60 times stronger than the energy field of the brain and emanating 8-10 feet around our bodies. When we interpret getting a good feeling or bad feeling from being in someone's presence, it is the emotional energy in this field we feel. The heart is an independent sensory organ that distributes information throughout our body and brain through the rhythm and pressure of our heartbeat; the heart's electromagnetic signal; chemically by control of some hormones and energetically through emotions. The heart's sophisticated computational abilities profoundly affect both the heart and brain function. Inside the pulse of our heartbeat there are deeper rhythmic patterns that vary from moment to moment and further indicate a healthy heart and physiology. The measurement of these patterns is called Heart Rate Variability. The relationship between our emotions, biochemistry, brain functioning and a beneficial physiological state in our bodies can be seen in our Heart Rate Variability (HRV). 2. These complex patterns in the heart play a central role in setting our Emotions-Physiology-Perception and Responses. Signals from the heart affect how the brain processes information. Heart signals can lead to cortical inhibition or cortical facilitation by stimulating the higher areas of our brain or not. Stress and emotional mismanagement appear to negatively impact coherent functioning between the heart and brain. When we become "upset", for any reason, all neural action, learning, memory, cognition, problem solving and so on is adversely affected. Our emotional state is critical to what and how we learn in addition to how well we recall and apply what we've learned.

Facilitating an attitude of openness to new understanding in people begins with activating their positive heart emotions. In this positive emotional state the stress hormone cortisol, which activates our fight or flight response in our lower brain is turned off and DHEA the health hormone is turned on. This will activate the higher centers of the brain, the cortex and pre-frontal lobes where the higher aspects of human consciousness can be applied to a problem.

The scientific validation of the beneficial aspects of, "coming from the heart" give new weight to old wisdom. For those of us involved in Alternative Conflict Resolution or facilitating better communication between individuals or groups, the energy of our hearts is a powerful tool to bring people to the place of resolution or understanding.

For more of the science behind this new paradigm of the heart-brain connection visit our resource page or email or call (919) 362-7133