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"Thanks so much for sharing your talents and marvelous energy. This was the session I wanted to attend and got the most from." International Listening Association Participant

"It was clear from your training that you both are excellent mediators." Tracey Goetz, CRB, Prudential Carolinas Realty.

Source ™ is a spiritual training model for conflict resolution, communicating and listening, marketing and team building. Source(TM) acknowledges the existence and importance of our individual energy. The model show's how energy can be released, "created", or transformed and how individuals can become more powerful a presence in any room with the acknowledgment of energy. Being able to listen to your own energy as well as the energy of others enables each of us to participate in conversations among friends, relatives and business associates in purposeful ways while encouraging authenticity. Through dis-engaging from "stuck" behaviors (or energy) and attitudes, we are able to move to a place where it is possible to communicate openly while transcending any situation or conflict.

The Source™ Model is the template used for the following training's-

Mediating in 3-D
The Art of Listening
PEP (a training program for schools)
Lithography (for sales and marketing)
High Five -( team building and staff development) .

Mediating in 3-D
The Energy of Conflict is a conflict resolution training program for mediators and conflict re solvers based on the Source ™ model. The model is spiritually based and recognizes that we each experience our world via energy. As taught in the training, energy can be categorized into three areas: "being energy" (relationship and emotions), "doing energy" (critical thinking and action), and "dreaming energy" (potentiality and possibilities). Being aware of this phenomenon allows us to "release", "create", and "transform" energy to move toward a place of balance. This place of balance is called the "authentic self", or "source" or "resolution".

Mediating in 3-D does not claim to replace any other styles of mediating, rather it complements them and provides a context within which to unify, support, and validate the integration of these models to better inform the mediation process.

Based on the Source ™ model, this training program has been approved for CLE credit.

"Best program I have attended in awhile" - program participant

"Thank you for taking the risk of offering this non-traditional approach" - program participant.

For more details about our training's please call (919) 362-7133 or email